6 Common Dryer Problems That Require a Service Call

Each year, Kitchener & Waterloo homeowners spend 1 percent of their home’s total value on maintenance and repairs. Failing to provide a homeowner with the care it needs can cause big problems. As a homeowner, it is your job to inspect your residence and find repair issues before they cause a lot of damage. This includes knowing about common dryer problems.

Most homes have a plethora of different appliances in operation. These appliances are used to do things like wash dishes and clothes. Once clothing has been washed, it will need to be dried properly. Having a good running dryer is something most homeowners view as essential.

Learning how to deal with common dryer problems is not easy. Often times, you will need to hire professionals to both diagnose and fix the problems your dryer has.

common dryer problems

What are The Most Common Dryer Problems Our Experts Repair?

The following are some of the most common dryer problems and what professionals will have to do to fix them.

1. The Dryer Won’t Turn On

Putting clothes in a dryer and turning it on is something most people do on a daily basis. What happens when you go to your dryer and it won’t turn on? The first thing you need to do in this situation is contact professionals.

Once these professionals arrive, they will check a number of things in an attempt to pinpoint the cause of this problem. The first thing an appliance repair professional will check in a situation like this is the circuit breaker that powers the dryer. If this breaker has been tripped due to a power surge, it will shut off immediately.

Other issues that may lead to a dryer not coming on include things like a broken power cord or a damaged dryer door switch. You can save time and money by avoiding DIY troubleshooting and repairs in lieu of hiring an experienced professional.

2. Excessive Noise is One of the Most Common Dryer Problems

The dryer in your home has a variety of moving parts. Each of these parts has to work in unison for this appliance to operate properly. If you start to notice your dryer making squeaking, humming or thumping noises, you need to call in a professional to take a look.

If the dryer is making a thumping noise, it could be due to broken glides. Most dryers have glides, which are small plastic pieces located at the front of the drum. As time goes by, these glides will wear and break, which leads to excessive noise problems.

An appliance repair professional will also check the condition of a dryer’s blower wheel and the drum support roller when trying to pinpoint the cause of this noise. If either of these components is damaged, an appliance technician can replace them in a hurry.

3. Clothing is Still Wrinkled When It Comes Out of the Dryer

The first thing most people do when confronted with a wrinkled piece of clothing is to throw it in the dryer. The heat and the tumbling motion the dryer provides usually removes the wrinkles. When wrinkles are still present after a load of clothing has been drying for a while, there is a definite problem that needs to be fixed.

In some instances, this problem will be caused by you putting too many clothes in at once. You may also want to change up the washer and dryer settings you have. If you try these things and the problem persists, the dryer needs to be repaired.

Replacing the heating element in the dryer may be the best thing to do in a situation like this. If the existing element is not producing enough heat, it could lead to issues with wet and wrinkled clothing.

4. The Dryer Won’t Tumble Correctly

The dryer in your Kitchener & Waterloo home is designed to heat up and tumble clothing with ease. When the dryer stops tumbling, you need to spring into action to avoid delays in your household duties.

A broken belt can cause a dryer to stop tumbling. If the belt is not making the drum rotate, it will be impossible to get clothes dry and free of wrinkles. Due to the complexity involved in changing out a dryer belt, you will need to hire professionals for this job.

In some severe cases, this problem will be caused by a seized motor or other damaged support parts. The price of replacing these vital components will be worth it. Once a professional has finished this work, the dryer in your Kitchener & Waterloo home should run like a well-oiled machine.

5. The Dryer Isn’t Producing Heat

If you hear your dryer tumbling the clothes but they still come out wet, it is due to a lack of sufficient heat. Before you call in professionals to diagnose this problem, be sure to check the dryer settings. If the heat isn’t turned up correctly, it can cause these issues to occur.

When hired to fix a dryer that isn’t producing heat, a professional will usually check the thermal fuse. This fuse is designed to keep your dryer from overheating. When it breaks, it will often prohibit a dryer from heating up at all.

The temperature switch located on the control panel of your dryer can also cause this issue to occur. The key to reducing the damage these problems cause is getting professional help as soon as signs of trouble surface.

6. Problems With the Dryer Overheating

As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing is bad. This saying applies to the amount of heat your dryer puts out. If a dryer starts to overheat, it can lead to your clothes getting damaged or even small fires.

A bad thermostat is one of the possible causes of this overheating issue. Waiting too long to call in a professional to fix this problem will put you and your family at risk. This is why finding a reputable Portland-based appliance repair company quickly is a must.

Avoid DIY Dryer Repairs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when faced with common dryer problems is trying to fix them alone. Allowing professionals to handle this complicated job can help you avoid making mistakes that only complicate matters.

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When you call Appliance Genie, we can provide these replacement parts:

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  • Rollers
  • Idler pulleys
  • Temperature switches
  • Fuses
  • Switches

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