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can you put a backpack in the washer

How to Clean a Backpack in the Washing Machine

Whether it’s daily trips to school or spontaneous adventures, a trusty backpack is there when you need it. But day-to-day use and the rigors of travel can leave even the toughest packs dirty, dingy, or even smelly. Our washing machine experts detail how to clean a backpack in the washing machine from prepping to drying.

Clean a Backpack in the Washing Machine With These Simple Steps

Can you put a backpack in the washer? For most fabric packs, the answer is yes. Washing a backpack 1-2 times per year will keep it clean and smelling fresh. But before using our easy steps to clean a backpack in the washing machine, check the care label for specific washing instructions. 

Step 1: Empty the Pockets

Before you clean a backpack in the washing machine, make sure all the pockets are empty. Use a handheld vacuum to remove small crumbs and dust and leave each pocket unzipped.

After the pockets are empty, detach any removable parts like straps or accessories and hand wash them separately. Straps can be soaked in cool water and detergent for 30 minutes and brushed with a soft toothbrush before air drying.

Step 2: Pre-treat Stains

Any significant stains can be pre-treated with a small amount of stain remover or detergent. Pour a small amount directly on the stain and gently rub into the fabric with a soft brush. Allow to sit for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Turn the Backpack Inside Out

How can you wash a backpack in a washing machine safely? By turning it inside out or placing it in a laundry bag. This will prevent any metal zippers or undetachable straps from harming the washer or suffering damage.

can you put a backpack in the washer
Photo Credit: Bagail via Amazon

Step 4: Wash on a Gentle Cycle

Using a small amount of detergent and cold water, wash the backpack separately from other items on a gentle cycle. 

Wondering how to wash a backpack in the washer if it’s been exposed to bacteria? While bleach can damage the fabric, pine oil or phenolic disinfectants (like Lysol) are safe and effective for use in the washer. Check the label’s instructions to add the correct amounts to the wash cycle.

clean a backpack in the washing machine

Step 5: Air Dry

After you clean a backpack in the washing machine, proper drying is key to avoiding damage. Skip the dryer and instead wipe down the backpack with a clean towel. Leave all the zippers and pockets unzipped and hang it upside down to air dry completely. While drying outside can help remove odor, avoid hanging the backpack in direct sunlight that could damage the fabric.

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