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what happens if refrigerator coils are dirty

How to Clean GE Monogram Refrigerator Coils

Learn how to clean GE Monogram refrigerator coils with these easy-to-follow steps. First, disconnect the power and expose the coils behind the upper grill or protective plate. Then brush away dust from the dirty condenser coils and vacuum them gently. Finally, replace the coil cover and restore power.

What Happens if Refrigerator Coils are Dirty?

Refrigerator coils help cool refrigerant, providing cool air for the refrigerator. If the coils are coated in dust and dirt, it can be harder for them to do their job.

Signs your refrigerator coils are dirty:

  1. GE Monogram refrigerator not cooling sufficiently
  2. Food spoilage due to warmer internal temperatures
  3. Refrigerator runs loud as condenser becomes overworked
  4. Higher utility bills as refrigerator works harder, using more energy

Clean GE Monogram Refrigerator Coils With These Simple Steps

To avoid these issues and other common refrigerator problems, it’s recommended that refrigerator coils be cleaned every 6-12 months.

Below, you can find five detailed steps for how to clean GE Monogram refrigerator coils.

Step 1: Disconnect the Refrigerator’s Power Source

A fast and simple way to disconnect the refrigerator from power is through your home’s fuse or circuit breaker box. Unscrew the refrigerator’s fuse or flip it’s specific breaker.

After power is disconnected, you may want to wait 30 minutes to allow the area around the refrigerator coils to cool. We also suggest wearing long sleeves and gloves to further protect against lingering heat or sharp edges.

Step 2: Locate the Refrigerator Coils

Where are condenser coils on GE Monogram refrigerators? On these models, the refrigerator coils are located behind an upper grille or decorative panel above the doors. Grasp the grille or panel on either side and lift out and upwards. 

Once the grille or panel is raised, the refrigerator coils are typically found behind the condenser on the right side of the compartment.

clean ge monogram refrigerator coils


Image: Steven Baker via YouTube

Step 3: Brush Refrigerator Coils

To access the coils, reach an appliance brush through the middle of the compartment and towards the right side. Clean GE Monogram refrigerator coils by brushing them thoroughly to loosen dust and lint.

Step 4: Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

After the appliance brush, use a vacuum hose attachment to remove the smallest pieces of dust and lint from the GE Monogram coils. Vacuum within the compartment to remove debris from the areas around the coils as well.

Step 5: Replace the Grille and Restore Refrigerator’s Power

Finally, after you clean GE Monogram refrigerator coils, replace the grille or panel by pulling downwards and pushing in place. Restore power to the refrigerator by reconnecting the appropriate fuse or flipping the breaker in your home’s fuse or circuit breaker box.

If your GE Monogram refrigerator is still not performing adequately, it may be time for an expert evaluation. The team at Appliance Genie can fix your refrigerator with a professional assessment or fast GE appliance repair.

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