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Easy Preventive Appliance Maintenance Tips to Make Your Appliances Last

Major appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers are costly to repair and even more expensive to replace. But you can stave off those repairs and keep your appliances running longer by performing a few easy appliance maintenance tips.

appliance maintenance tips

Ask your dispatcher or technician about appliance maintenance plans. For a nominal charge, we can make sure all of your appliances are in tip-top shape.  Ask your technician during the appliance maintenance appointment how to clean or install filters, how to minimize the impacts of hard water on your clothes washer and dishwasher, and how to vacuum your refrigerator condenser coils and dryer ventilation.  Below are examples of most services we can provide on the same day of your appointment.

Appliance Maintenance Tips from the Pros

Diagnose a 2nd Appliance

For a reduced rate we will take a look at a second, third, or fourth appliance.  Dishwasher has a small leak, refrigerator icing up, dryer not drying?  Avoid costly, future repairs and potential water damage or fire hazards.

Washer Maintenance

Level and lock legs, inspect and remove clogs from the drain, install new fill hoses*, check and secure drain hoses, clean soap dispenser. Test (fill, tumble or agitate, spin and drain) cycles, run cleaner; recommended every five years.Service includes one package of the clothes washer cleaner, Affresh.

Top-loading washers require little if any home maintenance, according to Huntley, but front-loading washers need more care.

Leave the door open. Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science expert says it’s a good idea to leave your washer door open after you’ve completed a load of laundry. This will allow air to circulate in the washer, rather than trapping in moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew problems. They recommends using a cleaner designed for washing machines once per month, such as Affresh tablets. They also recommends checking the door’s rubber gasket (called a bellow) to make sure it’s clean and intact.

Don’t overload it. Overloading the washer can wear out and break some of the machine’s components more quickly than with typical usage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maximum capacity so your washer will last longer. That goes for dryers, too.

Dryer Maintenance

Clean inside of the dryer and vacuum lint, recommend vent cleaning service if necessary, install maintenance kit (bearings, belt, pulley, and/or rollers);* recommended every five years for dryers that exhaust with a vent run less than five feet, recommended annually dryers with longer runs.

Clothes dryers go hand-in-hand with washers, but dryers have different maintenance needs. You know you should empty the lint trap after every load, but there are several other things you should do to keep your dryer going strong.

Keep the exhaust vent clean. It’s important to make sure your dryer’s exhaust vent is clean. Recommended cleaning is at least once per year. Be sure to check the outside air vent, too.

Make sure the dryer is level. If your dryer is tilting or hopping around while it works, then the components supporting the dryer’s drum will wear out more quickly. Additionally, your dryer will be a lot more noisier.

Cooking & Ventilation Maintenance 

Verify oven temperature, check burner and fan operation from high to low, clean or replace burners, filters, and lights as necessary*.  Check oven and ventilation fans for circulation; recommended when oven temperatures seem off.

Dishwasher & Disposer Maintenance

Clean air gap, filters, garbage disposal, spray arms, and soap dispenser. Inspect and adjust door springs and cables.  Test (fill, wash, drain) cycles and run cleaner; recommended every five years. Service includes one package of the dishwasher cleaner, Affresh.

The job of a dishwasher is to clean and dispose of the food residue you leave on your dishes. It’s a dirty job, indeed. But keeping your dishwasher clean is only part of your plan of action to keep it running at its best.

Fix the filter. Most new dishwashers use a filter system that traps food particles during the wash cycle. Dishwashers that use a filter system are quieter and more energy efficient than older dishwashers that use a chopper system. Check and clean the filter regularly to prevent a buildup of food, pits, seeds and anything else that might get trapped there.

Rinse out mineral deposits. Hard water is tough on dishwashers as mineral deposits (as well as bits of food or other matter) can build up in the water holes in the dishwasher’s spray arm. Huntley says you can clean out the water jets in the spray arm with a toothpick. Also, the water inlet valve can begin to clog, which means your dishwasher won’t get the proper amount of hot water. You’ll need to replace a clogged water inlet valve. For general cleaning, it is recommended to use a dishwasher cleaner such as Affresh to help remove some of the hard water deposits.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Clean condenser coils, adjust door and gaskets, check defrost system and fan circulation. Replace air and water filters and light bulbs as necessary. Clean icemaker and dispenser, check temperatures and return to ideal settings; recommended annually scheduled in the Spring.

The best way to maintain your refrigerator is simply to keep it clean, inside and out.

Clean under and behind your refrigerator regularly. Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science expert says it’s important to remove and clean the refrigerator’s base grill often to improve air flow to the appliance’s components. The coils at the bottom or behind your refrigerator need regular cleaning so the coils can efficiently cool the unit.

Wash the door seals. If the seals in your refrigerator door are sticky, it’s time to clean them. Warm, soapy water and a soft cloth will do the trick. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the seals will make them last longer.

Don’t forget the ice dispenser. If your refrigerator has a built-in ice/water dispenser, you’ll need to clean that, too. The drip tray should be removed and cleaned at least every two to three months. It is also recommended that cleaning the ice bucket assembly once a month so your ice doesn’t pick up refrigerator odors. The dispenser’s water filter should be replaced at least every six months.

Whole House Maintenance

Has it been more than five years since you’ve scheduled an appliance repair or maintenance appointment? Dryer not drying as well as it used to, oven temperatures seem off, noticed refrigerator, dishwasher, or clothes washer leaking.  Get a tune-up on all of your home’s appliances for the same cost of repairing two.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Service includes packages of Affresh for clothes washer and dishwasher cleaning.

Laundromat Maintenance 

Do you own a laundromat or manage an apartment or duplex with a shared or community laundry room? Maintenance tune-up appointments for six appliances cost about the same for a moderate dryer or washer repair.  Service includes one use of Affresh cleaner for each washer serviced.  Ask to talk to our Marketing Manager about setting up monthly or quarterly appointments for larger facilities to minimize downtime, mitigate costly repairs, and waive diagnostic trip charges.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do a little simple maintenance on your major appliances, but the payoff is big. A clean, well-maintained appliance can run well for years, which will leave more money in your pockets and you won’t be on a first-name basis with your repairman.

All appliances do eventually wear out, however, no matter how well you take care of them. When something does break, you need to know whether to repair or replace.

Once you decide what services you need, schedule an appointment online at Appliance Genie or call our office team at 519-500-7773 for the soonest available time.

Check back on our blog often for more appliance maintenance tips!

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