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How To Fix Noisy Microwave – What Parts To Check

GE microwave oven makes noises when in use. Sometimes it is a buzzing noise and other times it is a humming noise. It can happen when the microwave is either ON or OFF. What can cause this noise and how do I fix noisy microwave issues?

There are parts in a microwave that can cause strange noises when worn out or faulty. The parts that may cause a noisy microwave are below. (If noises from your microwave are heard, it best to stop using it until it is repaired in case it is a safety hazard.)

fix noisy microwave

Please Note: If you choose, you can troubleshoot to fix noisy microwave to find out what part is causing the noise. Once you know which part is causing the noise, you can remove and replace the part. However, because microwave ovens are inexpensive, it may be financially smarter to purchase a new microwave oven instead of buying new parts and spending time repairing it.

CAUTION: When troubleshooting a loud microwave oven, you need to use extreme caution as high voltage can still be present even after the microwave is unplugged from power. When working on a microwave oven, unplug it for a few hours before attempting to take it apart to troubleshoot. This is for added safety as high voltage may need time to dissipate. UNPLUG THE MICROWAVE BEFORE TAKING IT APART!

Use a multi-meter when you are troubleshooting and testing the components in the microwave. This will tell you if a part is truly faulty or just needs to be cleaned or repositioned.

What causes a noisy microwave?

1: Microwave Door Vibrating/Rattling
2: Microwave Turn Table
3: Hood Exhaust Fan Noisy
4: Microwave Magnetron/Tube
5: Microwave Fan
6: Microwave Stirrer Motor

1: Microwave Door Vibrating/Rattling

The door may have worn hinges or spacers that make the door vibrate when the microwave is running. This will certainly lead to a need to fix noisy microwave issue. Check the door to be sure it is not loose. If found to be loose, remove the door and check to see if the hinges or any type of spacers on the door may be worn out. Replace the door parts or replace the complete microwave.

2: Microwave Turn Table

The small motor that turns the plate inside the microwave can wear out and cause noises. This part is fairly easy to replace. Remove and replace the turn-table motor if found to be at fault.

3: Hood Exhaust Fan Noisy

If you have a hood exhaust over the microwave the exhaust fan above it may be the problem. To find out if the microwave is humming or the hood vent is humming, run the microwave with the hood vent exhaust OFF. If the noise stops, check here for how to fix a noisy hood exhaust.

4: Microwave Magnetron/Tube

The magnetron in the microwave is failing if a high pitched, loud humming, or buzzing noise is heard. What does the magnetron do? It creates the frequency needed to cook the food. This part is high voltage and generates the heat a microwave produces. We recommend if the magnetron/tube is faulty to have an appliance repair company replace the magnetron. It may make more sense to replace the complete microwave as the cost may be higher than a new microwave.

5: Microwave Fan

The fan installed in your microwave to make cooking faster and better may be bent, worn, dusty, or not secure. Check the fan (if applicable) and remove and replace if you find the fan the be faulty.

6: Microwave Stirrer Motor

This metal blade distributes microwave energy by spinning. This part is what cooks the food in an even manner. When the stirrer motor wears out, it will start to make grinding noises. Remove and replace the motor if found to be faulty.

If you are not able to fix noisy microwave issues on your own, contact Appliance Genie for help.

why is my microwave making noise

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