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lg dryer making squeaking noise

How to Troubleshoot an LG Dryer Making Noise

While some dryer noise is par for the course, loud sounds are an unexpected surprise. Wondering why is my LG dryer making noise that’s louder than usual? Clothing zippers or buttons may be rattling against the dryer drum as it turns. Learn how to troubleshoot a noisy LG dryer with these time-saving tips.

LG Dryer Making Noise? Here’s What’s Causing the Commotion

While some dryer noises are normal, others require a DIY fix or professional repair to silence the sound. Here are the most likely reasons for an LG dryer making noise and how to solve the problem.

LG Dryer Makes Squeaking or Squealing Noise

Is your LG dryer making squeaking noise or squealing sounds? If so, it’s likely due to a worn drive belt. This rubber belt is suspended between two pulleys and runs around the dryer drum, turning it when the motor starts. Over time, the drive belt can stretch, fray or tear, resulting in squeaking or squealing sounds as the drum rotates.

Inspect the drive belt for signs of damage or loosening. A damaged drive belt must be replaced before it breaks, as a broken belt won’t be able to turn the drum at all.

LG dryer making noise

LG Dryer Makes a Thumping Noise

An LG dryer making thump noise often occurs if it hasn’t been used for a long period of time. During an extended rest, the dryer’s drum rollers tend to flatten or become misshapen. This can cause a thumping sound when the drum first starts to turn after a period of disuse. The drum rollers usually regain their proper shape as the drying cycle continues and the thumping sound should stop.

Dryer is Rattling

Zippers and buttons often make a rattling sound against the dryer drum as it spins, especially if they’re not closed or fastened. If your dryer makes noise when tumbling that sounds like rattling, pause the cycle to make sure zippers and buttons are secured. If clothes have metal or plastic fasteners, turning them inside out before drying can drastically reduce rattling sounds.

Broken LG Dryer Parts

Just like when a dryer isn’t heating or has a worn drive belt, loud noises may ultimately be due to a part failure.

The following parts can result in an LG dryer making noise when they break:

  • Drum roller: These components are located in the front and/or back of the dryer drum, supporting its weight as it turns. With time, the exterior rubber coating on the rollers can wear out and the roller can become misshapen. When this happens, the dryer makes a loud rumbling noise.
  • Blower wheel: The blower wheel helps circulate air inside the dryer and expel it through the vent. Sometimes, clothing finds its way to the blower wheel and interferes with its rotation. This often causes a loud vibrating or humming noise.
  • Drum bearing: A drum bearing supports the weight of the dryer drum with the drum rollers and is also prone to wear and tear. If the bearing breaks, the drum will be difficult to rotate by hand and often makes a squealing sound. If the drum bearing is the cause of your noise, contact Appliance Genie for professional LG appliance repair.

While blower wheel obstructions can be removed to restore function, most part malfunctions require a professional replacement.

The team at Appliance Genie are the LG dryer repair experts. Whether you have a dryer not starting or making loud noises, we can solve the problem!