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LG refrigerator ice smells

Why Your LG Refrigerator Ice Smells & Tastes Bad

As refreshing as an ice-cold beverage can be, smelly ice can make any drink lose its appeal. Wondering why your LG refrigerator ice smells and tastes bad? It may be absorbing food odor that gives it a strange flavor or smell. Learn what causes smelly LG refrigerator ice and how to banish bad odor and taste. Are you needing professional LG appliance repair? Contact Appliance Genie to fix your ice maker fast!

Help! My LG Refrigerator Ice Smells!

Smelly refrigerator ice can have several possible causes, most of which can be resolved with proper maintenance. Use these troubleshooting tips to determine the source of the odor when your LG refrigerator ice smells and tastes bad.

Home Water Supply Issues

When your LG refrigerator ice smells, first consider your water source. Water from your home’s water supply provides the ice maker with water for ice production. If chemicals or minerals give the water a bad taste or odor, it will likely pass on to your ice. Water supply lines can also harbor dirt or bacteria that can transfer to your home’s water supply. 

If you’re concerned about your water source, your local water company can conduct an assessment. Sometimes, a home water filtration system can remove bad smells or tastes. A water softening kit may also minimize the mineral taste of hard water.

ice maker smells like mildew

Food Odors

Did you know that ice can absorb odor? Spills, open containers or spoiled items all emit smells that ice absorbs more easily than water. That’s why your refrigerator ice tastes bad but water is fine when exposed to food odor. Even if smells originate in the refrigerator, they can transfer to ice via the unit’s air vents. 

Here’s how to clean your refrigerator and freezer to remove odor:

  1. Empty the refrigerator and freezer.
  2. Wipe down the interior with warm, soapy water or a mild cleanser.
  3. Place a closed box of baking soda in both compartments to help absorb odor. 
  4. Replace items, ensuring that they’re properly sealed.
  5. Regularly check for spoiled food or open containers and clean the refrigerator and freezer every 3-4 months.

Ice Cubes Are Stale

If ice goes unused for lengthy periods it can become stale. Dirt, dust and food particles can settle on the ice if it sits in the ice bin for a long time. Your refrigerator ice tastes bad when the ice develops mold from these contaminants.

Follow these tips to remove and prevent stale ice:

  • Dispose of stale ice and wash the ice bin in warm, soapy water before a fresh batch is made.
  • Turn off your ice maker if you know it will be unused for a lengthy period of time.
  • If ice is used infrequently, seal it in a plastic bag to prevent mold development.

LG Water Filter is Dirty

It may be necessary to change the water filter when your LG refrigerator ice smells. The filter screens out contaminants from your home’s water supply but can become clogged as particles accumulate. When this happens, impurities remain in the ice maker’s water supply, giving ice a bad taste or smell. A dirty filter can also restrict water flow, resulting in an ice maker not making ice due to insufficient water supply.

ice tastes bad but water is fine
Photo Credit: LG

LG recommends changing the water filter every 6 months to avoid blockages and keep ice free of contaminants. Always replace the filter with an LG-brand model to ensure that it fits and operates properly.

LG Ice Maker Needs to be Cleaned

If your ice maker smells like mildew after a period of unuse or exposure to contaminants it should be cleaned. Regular cleanings can prevent smells from transferring to ice and can improve ice maker function.

Here’s how to clean an LG refrigerator ice maker:

  1. Turn off the ice maker.
  2. Remove the ice bin and dispose of remaining ice.
  3. Mix a solution of ½ cup bleach and 1 cup water.
  4. Dip a cloth in the solution and wipe down the bin and ice maker components.
  5. Rinse the bin before drying it and the ice maker thoroughly.
  6. Replace the bin and turn the ice maker back on.

Don’t let smelly ice ruin a good drink! The experts at Appliance Genie can provide a variety of LG refrigerator ice maker services to restore proper function.

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