sub-zero ice maker not making ice

Why is My Sub-Zero 650 Ice Maker Not Working?

An icy cold beverage can cool you down on a hot day. But as summer approaches, what should you do if you find your Sub-Zero 650 ice maker not working? From ice jams to a frozen fill tube, our troubleshooting guide pinpoints the problem and the solution. But first, it’s helpful to understand exactly how an ice maker produces ice.

How a Sub-Zero 650 Ice Maker Works

So how do Sub-Zero refrigerators make ice? Like most refrigerator ice makers, the refrigerator takes water from your home’s water line and filters it to the ice maker through its fill tube. When combined with the right temperature and the correct amount of water pressure, the ice maker produces about 8 cubes of ice every 2-3 hours.

Troubleshooting a Sub-Zero 650
Ice Maker Not Working

Sub-Zero ice maker troubleshooting begins with simple causes and DIY fixes to restore ice production. We’ll also discuss what part malfunctions may be responsible when your 600 series does not make ice.

Ice Maker is Not Turned On

If you find your Sub-Zero 650 ice maker not working, first make sure the ice maker is turned on.

How do you turn on a Sub-Zero ice maker? Simply press the Ice On/Off key on the refrigerator’s control panel. When the ice maker is on, the word “ICE” will be displayed.

In addition, the 650 ice level arm on the ice maker must be in the down position to make ice. If this arm is raised, lower it and push down gently until it clicks into place.

Incorrect Freezer Temperature

A freezer temperature that’s too warm can also be responsible for a Sub-Zero refrigerator not making ice. It’s recommended that the freezer temperature be set at 0°F for optimal ice production.

Ice Maker is Jammed

Ice jams are another reason for a Sub-Zero 650 ice maker not working. As the ice maker produces ice, a small amount of slushy water is generated as it’s harvested. Your ice maker freezing up occurs when this water freezes on its prongs, blocking new ice from falling into the ice bin.

It may be necessary to defrost the freezer to get rid of the jam. Refer to your use and care manual for specific instructions on how to manually defrost your model freezer.

Ice Maker Fill Tube is Frozen

The ice maker’s fill tube delivers water to the ice maker as needed to make ice. Water that remains in the fill tube when it’s not in use can freeze over time. If you find your ice maker fill tube frozen, water can’t flow and you’ll notice your Sub-Zero 650 ice maker not making ice.

To melt any ice in the fill tube, empty the freezer and turn it off for 4-6 hours.

Ice Maker Parts Failure

If your Sub-Zero 650 ice maker not working continues after these troubleshooting tips it’s possible a component has malfunctioned. The following parts are common culprits when your ice maker isn’t working:

Defective water inlet valve: this valve must open to allow water to flow to the ice maker. Without at least 20 psi of pressure, the valve won’t open. Verify that the valve is receiving enough pressure. If there is sufficient pressure, then the valve is defective and requires replacement.

Faulty ice maker module: this motor powers the ice maker ejector arms as well as the water inlet valve. If it’s defective, neither of these parts will receive power to help produce ice. A faulty ice maker module requires professional testing and replacement.

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