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ge washing machine lid lock issue

What to Do When Your GE Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

All you want to do is get the laundry done. So when your GE washer lid won’t unlock, your mission comes to a screeching halt. Luckily, there may be a simple solution. Some washers have lid locks that are heat activated. So before diving into further steps, wait 15 minutes after the wash cycle has completed to let the machine cool. If the lid still won’t unlock, then you may have a bigger issue. If in doubt, make sure to call a GE appliance repair professional.

Troubleshooting 101: GE Washer Lid Won’t Unlock

Grab your model number and we’ll help you identify the most likely causes to why your GE washing machine lid won’t unlock.

GE Washer Lid Lock Problems – Models Affected


  • MTW200BMK0WW
  • GTW220BMK0WW
  • GTW330BMK0WW
  • GTW460BMK
  • GTW465BMK0WS
  • GTW485BMK0WS

Problem: Ge washer lid won’t unlock

On the early production of these models, there were defective resistors used on the control board that affected the lid lock. Trouble would present itself when the GE washer lid lock bypass would fail. Boards in stock have corrected resistors.

Steps to Fix GE Washer Door Locked Won’t Open

Replace both the lid lock and the control board when the GE washer lid lock reset doens’t work. To unlock the lid, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Remove the four screws and the back panel.

ge washer lid won't unlock

Step 2: Remove the two screws holding the top cover on. One is by the power cord and the other is behind the capacitor.

ge washer lid stuck

Step 3: Now the top cover can be removed. Pushing from the back of the top cover, slide the top cover forward to release the front and lift the top cover.

troubleshooting how to

Step 4: Place a small screwdriver in the hole in the lid lock to unlock it.

how to unlock washing machine cover

Step 5. You will need to replace the control board to restore operation.

Control board part number

  • WW01F01729
  • WW01F01730

Lid lock part number

  • WW01L01660

If this doesn’t fix your GE washer won’t open issue, contact a professional servicer.

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