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Maytag Appliance Repair

Appliance Genie has been servicing the Maytag brand for over 25 years. That means our customers get the highest quality and professional Maytag appliance repair that they need. Contact us today for quality repair on your Maytag refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, range, washer or dryer. We’re here to help! 

Service for Maytag Appliance Repairs

How Can We Help You Today?

Maytag Refrigerator Repair

  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Freestanding refrigerators 

Maytag Ice Maker Repair

  • Built-in ice makers
  • Refrigerator ice makers
  • Undercounter ice makers

Maytag Dishwasher Repair

  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Freestanding dishwashers
  • Hidden fully integrated dishwashers
  • Slimline dishwashers
  • Compact dishwashers
  • Drawer dishwashers

Maytag Range Repair

  • Slide-in range
  • Freestanding range
  • Gas range
  • Electric range
  • Induction range
  • Cooktops
  • Stoves
  • Glass top

Maytag Washer Repair

  • High-efficiency (HE) washers
  • Traditional washers
  • Front-load washers
  • Top-load washers
  • Stackable washers
  • Pedestal washers

Maytag Dryer Repair

  • Gas dryers
  • Electric dryers
  • Stacked dryers
  • Top-load dryers
  • Front-load dryers
  • Pedestal dryers

Maytag Appliance Repair FAQs

If you believe your appliance is under warranty, contact:

Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-344-1274

You can also visit the Maytag warranty website for more information and details.

Is your Maytag refrigerator too warm or not cooling? If it’s just been installed or has been open and closed frequently throughout the day, it may take up to 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize.

Ensure that the temperature settings are correct. The ideal temperature for the refrigerator is 3° C and -18° C for the freezer.

Also, check to ensure the vents in the refrigerator or freezer are not obstructed by any objects. These vents are critical for airflow throughout your refrigerator; if they become blocked, your refrigerator may not cool correctly. If your refrigerator continues to struggle cooling and you find yourself in need of Maytag appliance repair, be sure to give our professional refrigerator repair team a call.

Is your Maytag oven not baking evenly or heating up? Take a look at the heating elements inside your oven while the door is closed. The heating elements should have a bright, unbroken orange glow. They will need to be professionally replaced if they are dark or damaged. Make sure to hire a professional Maytag appliance repair technician to diagnose and repair your oven.

Ensure that your oven is not overfilled, as well. Too many baking pans or large dishes in the oven can cause uneven cooking results. Make sure there is plenty of room for hot air to circulate around each item to bake thoroughly.

Is your Maytag dryer not starting? There are a few troubleshooting tips before you call for professional repair. First, ensure that the circuit breaker or fuse your dryer is connected to has not tripped or blown. If it has, reset the circuit breaker and retry the dryer. Next, ensure that the dryer is not overloaded and the door is firmly closed and latched. If the door is not latched, the dryer will not turn on. Finally, ensure you’ve selected the correct drying cycles for your Maytag dryer. Some models of dryers have a child-lock control or a wrinkle reduction option. If either of these options is selected, your dryer will not start.

Is your Maytag washer not washing your laundry? First, find the root of the problem: If your washer operates but doesn’t thoroughly clean the clothes, it may be as simple as changing your detergent.

If your Maytag washer is not agitating the clothes to clean them properly, there may be a faulty part or issue with the washer motor. Call one of our expert Maytag appliance repair professionals at Appliance Genie to diagnose and repair your washer fast!