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Dehumidifier Repair Kitchener, ON

If your dehumidifier isn’t removing moisture properly, don’t wait for your next allergy attack to address it. Contact Appliance Genie today for the best dehumidifier repair Kitchener can provide. 

We won’t let you battle the mold and dust alone. Providing same or next-day service, our highly-skilled repair technicians carefully diagnose the root of your dehumidifier’s defect to ensure its longevity. Whether it’s a broken fan, a noisy unit, or a faulty bucket switch, Appliance Genie boasts top-of-the-line dehumidifier repair in Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas. 

Dehumidifier Not Working?
We've Got You Covered!

If your dehumidifier isn’t working, or if it’s not performing to your satisfaction, then contact Appliance Genie to schedule your dehumidifier repair Kitchener service! Some potential reasons affecting your dehumidifier might include:

  • Faulty bucket switch
  • Defective humidity sensor
  • Broken fan motor
  • Bent or broken fan blade

We keep a supply of the most common dehumidifier repair parts by the most widely-used brands on hand to fix your dehumidifier to the utmost level of efficiency.  

dehumidifier repair Kitchener

About Our Dehumidifier Repair Kitchener Service

Our dehumidifier repair Kitchener techs at Appliance Genie are well versed in most brands and models to better handle the common problems dehumidifiers can experience. Whether your unit demands a quick fix or a detailed analysis, we carry manufacturer-certified parts to ensure that your dehumidifier is repaired at a fast and affordable rate.

Our technicians service most major dehumidifier brands including:

  • Daewoo
  • GE
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Frigidaire 
  • Danby
  • Whirlpool
  • Amana
  • Toshiba
  • More Brands

Common Dehumidifier Parts

Dehumidifier repair problems vary. Here are a few common repair parts.

  • Filter
  • Water inlet hose washer
  • Float
  • Compressor start relay
  • Hose clamp
  • Humidistat control
  • Filter drier tube
  • Control board
  • And more

Common Dehumidifier Repair Problems

We understand that when your dehumidifier gives way, so does your health.  Kitchener dehumidifier repair isn’t something to put on hold. We know you need reassurance that your unit will be repaired correctly, so give Appliance Genie a call as soon as you notice a defect in your unit. We repair a wide range of problems, from common to the complex including: 

  • Dehumidifier is freezing up – An icy dehumidifier might look like one of the strangest problems you could face, but it’s actually not uncommon, particularly if the room is too cold. Other factors besides room temperature can include a busted fan motor, a dented fan blade, a dirty air filter, or a wobbly blower wheel. 
  • Dehumidifier is too noisy – An unusually loud appliance is rarely a good sign, and a dehumidifier is no exception. Some common reasons for a noisy unit might include a loose blower wheel, a defective fan blade, a faulty fan motor, or a worn out compressor.  
  • Dehumidifier isn’t working – Is your unit simply not operating? This could imply a defect in the bucket switch, humidistat, control board, compressor, or humidity sensor. 
  • Dehumidifier fan is broken – Rather than blow air out, a dehumidifier’s fan draws air into the unit so that moisture can come into contact with the cold coils. If the fan isn’t sucking in the air, the entire dehumidifying process is derailed. This can more than likely be caused by the fan blade rubbing against the fan housing, an unsteady blower wheel, a loose motor shaft, or a malfunctioning humidity sensor.