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Dryer Repair Kitchener, ON

Having a laundry room that is stocked with all the necessary appliances can be a wonderful convenience in your home. While your dryer probably runs well most of the time, problems are bound to arise. Appliance Genie has dryer repair Kitchener & Waterloo experts to help you when something goes wrong. We know how to quickly assess dryer malfunctions and fix them fast.

Dryers are valuable, time-saving appliances. Most people are pretty dependent on this modern laundry-room convenience, so it can be very frustrating if problems occur. Even if your dryer isn’t completely broken, it can be costly to keep running if it isn’t operating efficiently. If you’ve noticed spikes in your energy bills, slow drying, or another problem, schedule quality dryer repair in Kitchener today.

You won’t want just anyone performing your dryer repair to try and fix things. Hire the very best. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place: Appliance Genie offers the best dryer repair near Kitchener, Waterloo and beyond!

Making Sure Your Clothes Stay Fresh & Clean

No matter how big or how small the job is, our dryer repair Kitchener technicians only install genuine replacement parts when working on your dryer. We only offer manufacturer-approved parts to ensure everything works just the way it should. We even offer an Appliance Genie guarantee on everything we provide. We also stand behind the quality of our workmanship and back it with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For expert gas or electric dryer repair, be sure to call Appliance Genie at 519.500.7773 or schedule an appointment online today.

Dryer Repair in Kitchener

Gas & Electric Dryer Repair Tips

Noticed problems with your dryer? From minor issues to major repairs, Appliance Genie is your partner in dryer repair and maintenance. Get DIY tips on our appliance repair blog.

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About Our Dryer Repair Kitchener Services

Dryers have a rotating drum called a tumbler, which circulates heated air and evaporates moisture. The humid air produced from this process is pushed through the venting system to the outside of your house, making room for dry air to enhance the drying process. Our dryer repair Kitchener technicians can repair any part of this system or clean your dryer vent to keep your home safe and running smoothly.

Types of Dryers We Repair

We repair most residential dryers!

  • Vented dryer repair
  • Condensing dryer repair
  • Washer-dryer combo repair
  • Heat pump dryer repair
  • Wall mountable or stackable dryers
  • Dryer cabinet repair 
  • And more

Ontario’s Dryer Repair Leader

Fast, Affordable!

Dryer Brands We Service

Our technicians service most major dryer brands including:

  • Bosch
  • KitchenAid
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Jenn-Air
  • LG
  • And more

Common Dryer Repair Parts

Dryer repair problems vary. Here are a few common repair parts.

  • Thermostats
  • Timers
  • Motors
  • Heating coils
  • Belts
  • Rollers
  • Idler pulleys
  • Temperature switches
  • Fuses & Switches

Common Dryer Repair Kitchener Issues We Fix

With their specialized knowledge of your model, our team of local Kitchener dryer repair technicians will provide a quick diagnosis and viable solution for the problem. You can trust Appliance Genie with your dryer repair and services.

There are two main types of dryers that we repair:

Electric – These dryers cost a little less than gas ones up-front and are also easier and less expensive to install. Exhaust requirements are very minimal: steam venting only.

Gas – Dryers operating on natural gas or propane cost a bit more up-front than electric dryers, but they end up being the more economical option over time. Specialized venting is required.

  • Dryer won’t run. When your dyer won’t work, check to see if it is unplugged or if a circuit break has been tripped. You may also have a bad thermostat, damaged terminal block, or broken start switch.
  • Dryer isn’t heating up. If your dryer drum is spinning but not producing any heat, it may be due to a bad fuse, temperature switch, thermostat, or heating coils.
  • Dryer drum doesn’t spin. If the motor in your dryer is running effectively, but the drum doesn’t spin, it most likely due to a broken belt. A bad roller, motor, or idler pulley could also be the cause.
  • Dryer gets too hot. A dryer that gets too hot is a potentially dangerous situation and should be addressed immediately. A bad thermostat, clogged vents, or faulty heating coils could lead to this threat.

Prevent high energy bills, inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues by scheduling regular professional maintenance with your local Appliance Genie today! Our family-friendly, dedicated technicians can handle all of your gas or electric dryer repair and maintenance needs.

Even our repair vans come fully stocked with a full range of dryer parts, so you’re never left waiting while we carry out repairs for you. Ensure your dryer lasts for years to come, and let us take care of all the hard work for you- what more could you ask for? Give us a call today at 519-500-7773, when you need dryer repair Kitchener, Waterloo, and beyond.